The most common injury a player can sustain is an MCL injury. Injuries are quite common in all sports, particularly football. Some players will wear a 

knee brace for running to prevent damage to their knees. There are always injuries to athletes in any sport. There are ways to avoid them while you play. A knee brace can help protect your knees if you are prone to injury. A second way to prevent damage is to warm your muscles and joints properly before playing football, which is a contact sport.

Stretching routines are a great way to warm up muscles before starting any sport, especially the ligaments in your arms and legs. No matter what sport you play, ligaments are the easiest to injure. While your muscles take the most impact when you play football, you can still get pulled muscles if your muscles aren’t properly warmed.

These exercises should be included in your warm-up routine, along with stretching exercises.

Each rep should be at least 10

* Knee hug – Bring your knees to your chest.

* Forward lunge – place your toes on your feet and step back

* Forward lunge – step forward on your heel

* Lateral squats: Instead of doing down squats, do lateral squats.

These can be added to your regular warm-up routine to warm the tendons, muscles and ligaments. If you don’t heat your body before running, even jogging can inflict injury. It is important to warm up before you start playing football to prevent injury.

MCL injuries are caused by a sudden impact on the knee or twisting motion. A knee brace for running may prevent twisting movements that can damage.

Although wearing a knee brace can be awkward at first, you will find it easier to use it on your knees. Other injuries can be done to your knee, but MCL is the most common. The ligament runs from the top of the thigh to your shinbone. This area is easier to injure than other parts of the knee. If you play football every weekend, it’s a good idea to strengthen your muscles. Your knee injury risk will be reduced by strengthening your quadriceps muscles.