Online Slot Games with the best RTP

Online slot machines with high Return to Player (RTP) percentages make casino games more popular. Online slot players are attracted to the RTP percentages. This is in addition to attractive themes, reels and pay lines, and bonuses. These are the online slots you should try if you’re interested in playing.

The Return to Player (RTP) measures how much the player will get back. Many slot games offer an RTP of over 97%. These generous payouts are very popular with the public เกมสล็อตออนไลน์

. RTP is the percentage of wagered money that the slot machine will pay players back over some time.

The RTP and house percentage are calculated over the long term. If you place 100 $1 bets on a slot machine, and the RTP of 95% is applied, you will likely get $95 if you win. The house percentage, which the device will keep for a long time, is what makes up the rest of your money. For great returns, look for RTPs that exceed 97%. An RTP of less than 92% is not good, but an RTP above 96% is acceptable. RTPs above 96% is commendable.

High RTPs are a recent craze amongst gamers—some of the most popular RTP slots.

Mega Joker

NetEnt once again offers a staggeringly high RTP of 99%. Incredible, isn’t it? It is true. Even just reading about it will make your adrenaline pump. Your winnings are transferred to Super meter, where you can save them. You can expect incredible returns even with the smallest of bets. This game is popular for its retro design and high returns, which can be maximized by skill.


Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is the most played slot game by players due to NetEnt’s 98.9% Return-to-Play (RTP), which is very exciting. Super meter mode allows you to get the most out of the game. To ensure that you have great long-term wins, the RTP is high. This classic slot machine will give you the thrill of winning. You can bet anywhere from 1 to 10 coins on each spin. However, the more coins you spin, the closer you will be too activating the Supermeter mode and earning high RTPs.

Uncharted Seas

The online  slot machine game is visually stunning and offers a high RTP of 98.6%. It features a lot of interesting symbols, including sea creatures and planetary bodies. This game is very popular because of its exciting features, such as the 50-free spin bonus. The 98.6% RTP adds an advantage.

Blood Suckers

Although the name might scare you, the game will not. Another NetEnt entry is this machine slot game featuring a vampire theme. It boasts a 98% RTP. You will need to defeat the bloodsuckers on the reels. You can enjoy special features such as free spins that offer triple payout options and substitutions. The RTP is 98%. The spooky theme is very popular with all players for the right reasons.


Starmania, the NextGen slot, is a visual treat that offers a rocketing 96.77% RTP. Its colourful appearance, stunning graphics and star symbols make the game extremely attractive to everyone. This game is a hit instantly due to its 97.87% RTP, exciting features and a wide range of other fun elements. You can gamble your prize or multiply your winnings multiple times using ten pay lines.

Devil’s Delight

Devil’s Delight slot machine is a fantastic one that will bring out the worst in you. Another NetEnt gem with a 97.6% return to player (RTP). It has tombstones as the background and symbols from the underworld on the reels. You can stack your wins and multiply your winnings with the free spins. You can have great success with the Soul Reaper bonus feature. The 97.6% RTP adds a great finishing touch to the game.


Hotline by NetEnt is a stunning game with an RTP of 97.4% and amazing graphics. This game is a hit with graphic lovers. It features two detectives and one master criminal in Miami. This game is popular due to its catchy soundtracks and high returns.

Big Bad Wolf

Quick spin’s Big Bad Wolf slot game ranks high with 97.35% RTP. It has bonus features that can be activated during free spins, making it a very engaging game. It is well worth the effort.

Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 is the third NetEnt entry on this list with a 97.1% RTP. It features a comic-book style appearance and an adventure theme that will make you laugh. There are 99 betting lines, giving you many chances to win big. Many interesting features can increase your chances of winning. This game is especially notable for its free spins feature, which gives you at least 20 free spins that will double your winnings. It is a worthy contender for the top slot games due to its 97.1% RTP and other features.