Some little known facts about home based franchises

One of the most common misconception that is often associated with the term ‘franchise’ itself is that these are only associated with restaurants or retail stores. It could have been true earlier but there are innumerable home franchise opportunities that are available today ranging from an array of businesses. Some of the most popular franchising options that have also been hugely popular are financial consulting, marketing services, education (including home tutoring), home care services, senior care, and management to home decoration or landscaping.

home based franchises


There are several websites that are dedicated to such franchise opportunities and have all the necessary information.

Facts about home based franchises

While we are all aware of the benefits and perks of investing in home based franchises, there are several little known facts about the business opportunity. These are:

  1. There are around 38 million home based businesses in America.
  2. Around 52% of the small businesses are home-based. This makes it more than half.
  3. As per the U.S. Census, there are high probabilities that home based businesses are financial, business or related to management.
  4. There are two different kinds of home-based workers:
  • Home worker: One who works only from home.
  • Mixed Worker: One who works from home as well as from the job site.
  1. While most of us know that franchise opportunities from home are a convenient option, there are a very few who know that it requires an equal amount of dedication and discipline. This kind of work requires professional commitment.

I would recommend home based franchise opportunities to you only if you are sure you can ignore distractions and stay focused, keep a strict schedule and do all that it takes to keep your home life away from your business life.